Stand Out In Camo

Alright G.I. Joes get ready for this falls biggest trend. Camouflage.  Originally created as a survival skill, camo is no longer meant to blend in. Throw a lil of this print in your closet and you will be sure to stand out this fall. This is a pattern that never goes out of style. From the first world war to now, guys have been rocking the cover up and I’m here to show you how to stand out in camo.

First piece of advice, if you’re not a solider limit it. Stick to one item,  you don’t want to look like a wannabe vet walking around in a full camo suit.  So find what works best for you. Could be a shirt, pants, hat, or even a tie.

Then be sure to change it up. Camouflage is not delegated to only cargo shorts. I know for most guys that’s the full extent of your camo ownership. But I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t end there. There’s great jackets, pants, shoes, shirts that all come in camo print. Give them a try.

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Camouflage also comes in different shades and colors. Test them out, see what looks good on you. Take your girlfriend shopping with you, ask her what she thinks. After you find the right camo you now have to find something to pair it with. For me it’s usually a pair of dark jeans or white t-shirt. I try to keep it simple, because the print is loud enough. But I kid you not, last week I was in NYC and I paired a camo shirt with a blue sweater and it looked great. So it’s imperative to try your camo with any and everything until you find what looks best.  This is a simple style, you don’t have to do much to achieve a stand out look. Doesn’t require you to change your wardrobe, or your style. Just simply throw in a piece of camouflage in your already great look.

Guys  just remember, you’re not going deer hunting. This is one trend you want to be careful with, because too much can have you looking like a red neck. But just enough can have you looking like a modern man.


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