The Return of The Gentleman. Part 1

I don’t know if it’s Justin Timberlake singing about suit and ties or if the style is just coming back around, but I’m glad it’s happening. What is IT you ask, the return of the gentleman. There’s been a certain kind of elegance coming back to men’s style, and it’s hitting the main stream. You see it all across the board, whether it’s American Eagle, H&M, or Gap, guys want to dress up. And I’m here to help you do so, flawlessly.

tie me

In the next three posts I will give you three easy pieces you can mix in with your everyday looks to add a touch of elegance and get you looking like the gentleman we all know you are.

First things first, get a tie or twenty of them. I keep no less then a billion on hand at all time, but a few will do the trick. A neck tie is one of the fastest ways to dress up any outfit and gives you a way to be creative. Ties come in all shapes and sizes. If your going to wear a louder outfit, I would dial down with the tie choosing a neutral solid color. But if the shirt is a bit plain, an ambitious tie is the way to go.

tie 2     On these two days I followed the rule, one day I was plain bob with the white shirt so I decided to throw the camo in there. And on the other day I was more exciting with the leather jacket, so I toned it down with the navy tie but still stayed true to my style and kept it fun with a knit tie. These are just two examples of how you can spike up any outfit with a tie. They each give you that dressy feel with out having to put on a three piece suit.

Of course the tie is going to be worn with a collared shirt, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear jeans or chinos. It’s good to look good, but most importantly you need to stay true to who you are. Nothing wrong with amping up your style, but there is something wrong with becoming a completely different person.


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