Something different: Skate Style

If you grew up anywhere near the 90’s you had your skate phase. Tony Hawk was god, your shoes were either DC or Etnies, and your pants were the baggiest pair you could find. 

Spending this last week in LA I have been awaken to the new skater style. Longer tees, cool shoes, and although the pants are not as baggey they still give that kiss my ass attitude. 

Even though dressing like a kid who spends his time in skate parks all day is not practical for everyday life; there are some stylish ideas we can all take from these punks. 

First the long tee. This is everywhere in men’s fashion right now. Works best on a longer body, but all guys can try it. Just watch the length. You don’t want to be swimming in your clothes, tee should hit just below crotch level. 


The thing I was most excited to see were crop jeans. For along time this trend was reserved for women’s fashion but the skaters are taking it back. I like it best with frayed edges, and the jeans not too tight to avoid that feminine look. Keeps your ankles cool, while making you look even cooler. 

The footwear has to be the best part of the skate style. Spend a day at the skate park and you’ll see just about every shoe in the book. Everything from Adidas, Nike SB, and my favorite Vans. High top Vans are always cool and can be worn with anything. Vans collaborates with many designers and is always releasing a new color scheme so you have plenty of options. I’m going nuts for these all white ones. 


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