Fall 2013- Hot Bottoms

Ready for that cool air, football, apple cider, leaves, and yellow chinos….Yellow chinos? Yes yellow chinos. I know it’s kinda like which one of these doesn’t belong, but yes yellow chinos. 

I was in a nice store the other day with a fairly pushy store clerk, which will remain unnamed [Banana Republic].  Just kidding, I hate when people give you half the story.  Any way, she convinced me to buy these burnt yellow chino pants, I kinda wanted them anyway just needed the push or a justification to why I would purchase yellow pants. But I’m excited to pull the bad brothers out. 

This fall there will be a lot of colored bottoms. Be it chinos, jeans, or khakis. Guys, your legs will be lit up. I know what your thinking, what the hell am I going to wear colored pants with? Don’t worry, I got you. 

In my case the emerson chinos, or yellow pants [Guy’s terms] are gonna go great with a blue and white button up shirt. The blue is not too bright as to make me look like a rainbow and the plaid neutralizes it. You don’t wanna wear a crazy shirt with a crazy pant, you will look crazy. 





So any neutral color or pattern is gonna work well with a brighter or crazier pant. Your blues, grays, whites, dusty colors all go great. Even a white t-shirt would be happening with these pants.  Here are a few more examples. 



There you have it, take it or leave. Love it or hate it, it’s happening. This is a trend that has been going on for a few seasons, I think it will stick around for a while. With the emergence of guys getting back into style and not being afraid of color I think we have a winner.  So guys I challenge you to put away the old jeans for one day a week and try some color on for size. Let me know what you think, I will be watching. Until next time, keep them legs happy! 




Homage: Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren (RL) is a great American designer, most know Mr. Lauren for his polos. Using crisp fabrics, straight lines, and a simplicity that rivals with nature RL has managed to upgrade everyday clothes. He can make a t-shirt feel expensive and comfortable. I’ve been wearing RL since my high school days, when polos were the THING to wear. Although I can’t remember what I did with that sky blue polo Mr. Lauren has remained one of my favorite designers. Classic. Cool. American. Ralph Lauren has transcended the way the world wears everyday clothing, and for that I pay homage. ImageR

5 Essentials for the Modern Young Professional Man

Gentlemen, this one is for the guys out there like me. I just graduated from college and I’m dying to be taken seriously in the professional world. I know there are many more guys out there that are in the same boat. You have the schooling or experience to do the job but how do you look good while doing it? That’s why I’m here. Although there are hundreds of things you could or should have in your closet, I’m gonna give you five essential items I think every young professional man should have.

First things first, a nice fitted dark blazer. Emphasis on fitted, because most guys wear jackets ad blazers that are TOO big for them. A sharp black blazer never goes out of style. If you stay the same size, you can wear it in your 20’s and in your 50’s and it will still be in style. Blazers are great to throw on with a pair a jeans or dress pants. Will especially come in handy when you go to those company parties or meetings and you don’t know what to wear.

Next, a nice oxford will always do you good. This is another staple item that you can wear with pretty much anything, and at times two days in a row [and no one will notice]. You can wear it with your blazer or alone tucked in to your dress pants, but once you leave work you can throw on a pair of jeans and untuck that oxford. Goes from day to night. Whites shirts go with everything, but if you wanna kick it up a bit a light blue looks great as well.

Moving right along, you guys know I have been preaching this since the begining. Every guy on the face of this planet should have a great pair of dark jeans. These can be worn at some jobs and to lunch or informal meetings. Since 1853, when Levi Strauss invented the jean this had been the most worn item in the world. Dark jeans look good on all body types, and not only do they slim you, they add a since of polish to any outfit. Your first step towards style is investing in a solid pair of dark jeans, blue or black works.

My last two essentials are both shoes. I know as guys we tend to look over this element of our wardrobe, as long as there are no holes we are generally fine, but nahhh. That doesn’t work for the modern man. Every young man should have a killer pair of dress shoes, preferably ones that lace up [you wanna appear old enough to tie your shoes]. Women go through the trouble of picking the perfect high hell heel, so we can put in the effort to get a great dress shoe. I really enjoy wearing my dress shoes with my jeans it adds a young sophisticated  feel to me, but of course this will be worn with dress pants. And second, a nice pair of casual sneakers. Most guys live in these, but like I said earlier throw the old bummy  running shoes out and replace them with some cool sneakers. I’m a huge fan of Vans, they are slick and comfortable and still have that young feel to them. Save the huge Nike dunks or the bright colored running shoes for special occasions and grab a nice  dark pair of sneakers.











There you have it guys, these are the FIVE essentials I think every young professional man should have in his closet. If you don’t have them, get ’em. They will come in handy. Because a lot of times it’s not all about being good, it’s about looking good. For a lot of guys it’s time to grow up and stop dressing like a 14 year old, and start dressing like a man…a modern man. So best of luck to you. Remember clothes aren’t everything, but they are your ambassadors. Before you open your mouth, your clothing tells people a lot about you. Make sure they are saying good things. Blessings C.B.


Photography- Jay Maisel

I chose to emulate contemporary photographer, Jay Maisel. He’s a natural light photographer and has shot as simple as a building to spreads in Sports Illustrated. I have three shots of his that I was inspired by. On the left will be Maisel’s and on the right will be mine.




Sun’s Out Gun’s Out——Manks

Since it’s Tuesday, Tank Tuesday for most college aged guys I feel this post is not on necessary but appropriate. If you don’t know what Tank Tuesday is or your ears have never been privileged enough to hear the word MANKS, let me break it down for you. The Mank is a mans tank top. You take Man + Tank = MANK. Most ladies are against the mank, while guys generally love them. I’m here to set the record straight. Fashion and style is a visual expression of who you are, it should be fun and that’s exactly what manks are.

Although I don’t think manks look good on everyone, I’m telling men around the world DO NOT BUDGE. This is a battle WE must win. So young and old, fat and skinny go grab you a mank.

The tank top is no longer reserved for body builders and truckers, almost any guy can wear them just make sure it fits you and looks good on you. Until next time, have a fulfilling day, and look good while doing it.




Hot in Coral.

Here’s the thing. I don’t wear the color pink. Not in shoes, shirts, pants, hats, gloves. Call it a man complex, but I just could never get into it. But you know what I will wear…coral. I know what MOST guys are thinking, coral? Not the stuff in the ocean but the color. It’s like a reddish, orangish, kinda pinkish color. Coral comes in different shades and works well with most skin types. Since it is a lighter color it looks best with darker skin, but I have seen a few white boys rock the coral too. With spring right around the corner be on the look out for lighter colors coming in to style and go snatch a coral shirt so you too can be hot in coral.

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Spring Ahead, out of this cold weather.

Ok men I know what your thinking, it’s still freezing outside. Well fashion has no temp but HOT. But for real fashion is always a season or two ahead of the actual seasons, which would make this post a bit behind but to you guys its a bit early seeing that for most of the country we are still seeing snow. But nonetheless this will give you time to get shopping before the temps warm up. Let’s get right in to it.

Color is always good for spring. By March we are all ready to stop wearing black and are ready to brighten up!  Plaid is going no where anytime soon. Thick or thin this picnic cloth print will be BOMB. Throw a white t-shirt underneath you will be good to go.

Grap some dark jeans or even a fun colored pant and you are looking good. I would not recommend the color pant for everyone. If you are a bit bigger the pants would not look good on you, but if you can pull them off go for it! Also be weary of too much color you don’t wanna look like a clown, but have fun.











And to finish it all, kick so some great shoes. Boat shoes are here to stay. Sperrys are no longer reserved for old men and frat guys and are very comfortable. These great shoes have recently emerged in the fashion world, Chukka boots. They come in tons of styles and colors and look GREAT. Most amazing thing about these boots are they come in high and low end. You can get them cheap or OldNavy or spend a little more and get Clarks.


Alrighty men, now I know a lot of you like to wear hats, and a lot more of you would love to wear a hat but don’t know how to wear them. Here’s what’s what, I’m gonna present a few different ideas and trends that are going around in the hat world. After reading this you should be able to go out and find your perfect hat. Let’s begin.

First if you wear a hat on the regular, take a good look at it. Is it dirty, raggedy, does it smell, or is it just too damn small? If it resembles any of theses qualities it is time to bury it. RIP to the nasty hat. Time to get a new one. And to all the guys who don’t wear hats, and have been told you just don’t have a hat head. I’m here to give you back your hat confidence.

First hat the typical guys hat. The BASEBALL CAP. A lot of men rock this look but, it is typically a worn out cap. If you wanna try this look out make sure you try the cap on first. It should fit snug but not too tight. Don’t wanna look like the guy who’s wearing his little brothers little league cap. The cap should also cover your entire head, the back should start at your back hairline, and the front should end at your front hairline or slightly below it.  Our model for the day will be Aston Kutcher, although he might be having marital problems he can wear a hat like it’s nobody business.

Next we got the classic FEDORA. Now up until the 1950’s you wouldn’t catch a guy outside without a hat on his head. Some say guys stop wearing hats due to smaller cars which meant less head room, others say it’s because JFK didn’t wear one durning his inauguration. The list goes on and on. But nonetheless fedoras are making a HUGE come back now-a-days. It was the hottest accessories for men last spring/summer and on point to be even hotter spring/summer 20-12. You don’t have to be a private eye to look in one of theses. Fedoras work well with thiner faces, but to my big faced guys try on one, it might work for you. But just know you have been warned.  Here’s Ashton working the fedora. These can fit more loose. They are comfortable and guys with long hair [which should be very few because long hair only works for some] you can let your locks hang. The fedora should sit back on your head and tilt behind the forehead.

Last but not least the BEANIE or Slouchy Hippers Hat. This is my favorite. I have been rocking it all winter. This look works for almost everyone and every type of head: big and small. Neutral colors are best and the slouchier the better. The beanie can be worn with a pair of jeans or as you see Ashton wears it with a suit.

You have been trained, may the force be with you. Go out grab a hat, try on several different styles, and rock it. But always remember to stay true to yourself and your style because you will never live up to your true potential without being 100 percent your TRUE an FULL self. Be blessed and stay stylist.

Instant Class: The Pea Coat

Ok guys, I just picked up a SWEET Pea Coat this past Friday [Black Friday that is] and I love it. This is a coat that anyone can wear and it just adds that instant touch of class. No matter what I wear it with I feel upscale and classy. If you are looking for a great coat that is going to fit almost all body types this is the coat for you. Take a look.

There you have it guys, this coat comes in several different colors [I have the black one] as well as different lengths. It’s warm and comfortable and we can’t forget stylish. Guys the ladies will be all over you once you throw this puppy on, believe me. TTYL

Quick Tip of the Day: Antiperspirant

I know you guys are wondering what in the world antiperspirant has to do with style, but I’m here to tell you A LOT! The one thing that I despise more than anything in the world is pit stains.

I can’t tell you how many good shirts I have ruined due to poor choice in deodorant and over active sweat glands. I find that antiperspirants work the best, because they stop you from sweating.  Right now I’m using Dove Men’s plus care and it works great on preventing the pits. I have to reapply it throughout the day put it does the job.

A second choice is Soeed Stick, Speed Stick launched a line last year called Speed Stick Stainguard with a technology they say is formulated to help fight against the stains. They even go as far as saying you will have no stains guaranteed. I also can vouch for them saying it works. Used it this summer and no stains.

Well there’s my quick tip of the day, hope this was helpful guys. Get those pits dry!