Canadian Tuxedo: Denim on Denim

The streets  have been looking like a rodeo this summer with all the denim on denim, but fyi it ain’t going no where. For the proper english speakers, it’s here to stay. I know all this denim talk is taking you back to that awful matching outfit JT and Brittany wore to an award show in the 90’s.  Don’t worry, It ain’t going down like that. This fall the Canadian Tuxedo, or denim shirt and denim pants combo is going to be huge. And I’m here to show you how to wear it without looking like a dumb ass in a jean shirt. You don’t have to be Kayne West to pull this off, the average Joe can make the Canadian Tuxedo look great here are some options. 

Mix and match the colors, dark denim on top light on bottom or vice verses. Try different shades see which works best for you. My personal opinion is dark jeans always look better, but it depends on your body type. If  your legs are smaller/ shorter try the light. If your heavier in the legs this is the one time you should go to the dark side. 

Light on dark

If you want to ease into it this look try wearing the denim unbuttoned with either a white tee or a graphic tee, they both look great.  Or if your ready to go head first,  button that baby all the way up leaving the top undone. 

As far as jean fit, the skinner the better. Guys if your not in to skinnies, try slim straights but this is one trend that looks best with a sleek jean. This can go very wrong very quickly if the jeans are too big. At the end of the day it all boils down to what your comfortable wearing. You guys got this, don’t embarrass me and please don’t go out side looking like Jay Leno.