Starting Fall on the Right Foot.

The NBA is back on, leaves are falling to the ground, and the temps are beginning to drop. This can mean only one thng…it’s offically fall. Which means it’s time to step up your boot game fellas. So throw those Carhartt boots in the garbage and take notes here’s your guide to the perfect boots this fall.

The Chukka 

We will start off with my personal favorite, the chukka boot. Also known as a desert boot, you can find the chukka in just about every shoe store this fall. Whether you grab it in leather, suede, or canvas you really can not go wrong. The chukka is a classic shape that has been around for years but is particularly hot this Fall. Almost every brand is making this boot, but my favorite is Clarks.

chuk1The Chelsea 

This is another boot that has been around for quite some time, but just starting to gain popularity again. Made famous by The Beetles, this pointed boot falls into the risky category for me. Risky because it’s not a traditional shape most guys wear but if you can pull this look off, the risk is worth the reward. Kayne West wears his Bottega Veneta chelsea boots perfectly paring them with skinny jeans retail value ($770). You on the other hand can snatch a pair from H&M for under a hundred bucks.hmprod

The Combat 

This boot can be worn by all guys and adds the perfect amount of  ruggedness to any outfit. The combat boot is no longer reserved for military and police forces, the modern man can now feel like a bad ass everyday. Whether you get them in brown or black the combat is always a good decision. Problay the most durbale out of the three options this boot can be worn over the jean or under, depending on the amount of leather your willing to expose day to day. Let me save you some time Steve Madden rocks when it comes to combat boots. Run don’t walk to get these.

There you have it guys, there’s no excuse not to step out this fall in a banging boot. These are three of my favorites, of course there are tons of other options, but they all will steam from these basic shapes. So find with works for you and run with it. Any tips, comments, or questions feel free to leave them in the comment section, until next time stay stylish men.