The T-Shirt Guy

Ok I enjoy wearing t-shirts as much as the next guy, I know their comfortable and” go with everything.” T-shirts are not the problem, the problem is what kind of t-shirts. Any shirt with an ad on it or that looks like you might have gotten it for free please either throw away or reserve for painting days. College tees are  just not everyday wear, although it might be easy to throw on and comfortable it just doesn’t look good.

So what do you wear if you don’t want to walk around with a shirt on shouting

” I GOT THIS FOR FREE!”  Good news there are comfortable and stylist tees out there for you. One style that I have seen in every guys shop is v-necks. I know what your thinking, I’m no bodybuilder, geld hair Guido. I will admit that v-necks are not for every one. If you are on the heavy side v-necks do not look good on you, it will accent your weight and make you look heavier,  best thing to do in this case is to wear crew necks, or try v-necks with small v cuts.

V- Neck

Another great alternative to t-shirts are henleys: collarless men’s shirt, sleeves can be short or long. Great for the cool fall weather but not too warm.

These are two of the many options besides wearing the standard t-shirt, with these two options you can wear them anywhere and even dress it up with a pair of dark jeans. Remember that some things are going to feel a bit weird at first but you never know if something works for you unless you TRY IT ON, yes dressing rooms are in [creditable] stores for a reason, try on several different styles, colors, and sizes until you find what looks best on you.  Feel free to comment or ask questions. Until next time stay classy.