Big and Tall without the BIG.

Ok guys this is a post after my OWN heart, I’m 6’7 210 lbs, well I lied 213. So you can imagine I have a hard time finding GOOD clothes that fit me. If your expecting me to tell you the exact formula for finding clothes to fit then get outta here! On a serious note everyones different, but I can get you pretty damn close. For starters the best jeans that I have ever found to fit me were designer (7 for All Mankind).

7 For All Mankind

They were on the pricey end (120 bucks, but now these will run you $169) I know what your thinking, I got bills to pay, I can’t be spending $169 on JEANS! Understandable. But if you can afford it, I say go for it. You will find your exact size, designer jeans tend to run in more sizes such as 32,35,37 which a lot of jean companies don’t do. And you can get them in long, which gives you length without getting a bigger waist. Because for some reasons jean companies are convinced that since I need 34 or 36 length jeans I must be a fat ass and wear size 87 jeans (not happening).

There is also the option of having your clothes tailored. Clothing is made for the mass public so very rarely will you find something that fits your body PERFectly, so if you have a local tailors or many times a department store will do it for. Pay them a visit, if you don’t know if they do it…ASK!

And if your saying I’m not paying that much for jeans, or paying a tailor on top of the price of the jeans…there’s still hope for you. Now-a-days many stores [ones worth your time and money at least] offer sizes in tall, and extra long. American Eagle is a good example. If your a large instead of getting Xlarge [which doesn’t add to the length just makes the shirt wider] you can get a large TALL. Some stores don’t offer these sizes in stores, but if you ask the associate they will be more than willing to order it for you and have it shipped to your home [for FREE].

To wrap things up for the most part I can fit into clothes that are in store. If your looking for designer jeans Silver Jeans have great jeans for guys with height. And they are reasonably priced, these are $75.

Silver Jeans

Then there’s a great company by the name Mavi, they have dependable long lasting jeans. These ones go for $88.

Mavi Jeans

And for the folks who just want good jeans and they don’t have to be designer, look no farther than your shopping mall. Nice place to get jeans from is American Eagle. Their relatively low priced and fit GREAT. Amazing thing about AE is if you rip your jeans even after a year of having them and still have your receipt they will replace them [MAJOR POINTS RIGHT THERE]. Let me tell you I have over 5 pairs of jeans replaced by them, so your purchase is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

American Eagle


And last but certainly not least, Abercrombie and Fitch offers great jeans that fit tall guys, and their shirts always have longer sleeves. Clothing here is not for the bigger guy, typically it’s for guys on the slimmer end. Found these on sale for $58.



Best thing for you guys to do is to just go out and try on different things, see what works, and ask questions. I know some of these jeans might seem a little pricey but if you can afford it, it’s worth it. If you can’t afford it, there’s no reason you have to buy every thing full price their are great discount stores and there is always the sale section. I get so many clothes on sale now, there is no reason to have to pay full price if you can’t afford it. You will notice that all the jeans I posted the jeans have darker washes, this is because darker washes are the best for tall guys. It looks sophisticated and makes you look tall without diminishing your height or adding to it.

Guy’s hope these tips helped you, good luck on the quest to find your perfect fit, and to becoming more fashionable. It is never to late to reinvent yourself. Wheter it be in going back to school, picking up a new hobby, or dressing better don’t be afraid of change and fell free to let go of the last. Like Momma Oprah says, “You are not your past. You are not all the things that have happened to you. You are the possibility of what can be.” God bless you and your style.