Sun’s Out Gun’s Out——Manks

Since it’s Tuesday, Tank Tuesday for most college aged guys I feel this post is not on necessary but appropriate. If you don’t know what Tank Tuesday is or your ears have never been privileged enough to hear the word MANKS, let me break it down for you. The Mank is a mans tank top. You take Man + Tank = MANK. Most ladies are against the mank, while guys generally love them. I’m here to set the record straight. Fashion and style is a visual expression of who you are, it should be fun and that’s exactly what manks are.

Although I don’t think manks look good on everyone, I’m┬átelling men around the world DO NOT BUDGE. This is a battle WE must win. So young and old, fat and skinny go grab you a mank.

The tank top is no longer reserved for body builders and truckers, almost any guy can wear them just make sure it fits you and looks good on you. Until next time, have a fulfilling day, and look good while doing it.