Canadian Tuxedo: Denim on Denim

The streets  have been looking like a rodeo this summer with all the denim on denim, but fyi it ain’t going no where. For the proper english speakers, it’s here to stay. I know all this denim talk is taking you back to that awful matching outfit JT and Brittany wore to an award show in the 90’s.  Don’t worry, It ain’t going down like that. This fall the Canadian Tuxedo, or denim shirt and denim pants combo is going to be huge. And I’m here to show you how to wear it without looking like a dumb ass in a jean shirt. You don’t have to be Kayne West to pull this off, the average Joe can make the Canadian Tuxedo look great here are some options. 

Mix and match the colors, dark denim on top light on bottom or vice verses. Try different shades see which works best for you. My personal opinion is dark jeans always look better, but it depends on your body type. If  your legs are smaller/ shorter try the light. If your heavier in the legs this is the one time you should go to the dark side. 

Light on dark

If you want to ease into it this look try wearing the denim unbuttoned with either a white tee or a graphic tee, they both look great.  Or if your ready to go head first,  button that baby all the way up leaving the top undone. 

As far as jean fit, the skinner the better. Guys if your not in to skinnies, try slim straights but this is one trend that looks best with a sleek jean. This can go very wrong very quickly if the jeans are too big. At the end of the day it all boils down to what your comfortable wearing. You guys got this, don’t embarrass me and please don’t go out side looking like Jay Leno.

5 Essentials for the Modern Young Professional Man

Gentlemen, this one is for the guys out there like me. I just graduated from college and I’m dying to be taken seriously in the professional world. I know there are many more guys out there that are in the same boat. You have the schooling or experience to do the job but how do you look good while doing it? That’s why I’m here. Although there are hundreds of things you could or should have in your closet, I’m gonna give you five essential items I think every young professional man should have.

First things first, a nice fitted dark blazer. Emphasis on fitted, because most guys wear jackets ad blazers that are TOO big for them. A sharp black blazer never goes out of style. If you stay the same size, you can wear it in your 20’s and in your 50’s and it will still be in style. Blazers are great to throw on with a pair a jeans or dress pants. Will especially come in handy when you go to those company parties or meetings and you don’t know what to wear.

Next, a nice oxford will always do you good. This is another staple item that you can wear with pretty much anything, and at times two days in a row [and no one will notice]. You can wear it with your blazer or alone tucked in to your dress pants, but once you leave work you can throw on a pair of jeans and untuck that oxford. Goes from day to night. Whites shirts go with everything, but if you wanna kick it up a bit a light blue looks great as well.

Moving right along, you guys know I have been preaching this since the begining. Every guy on the face of this planet should have a great pair of dark jeans. These can be worn at some jobs and to lunch or informal meetings. Since 1853, when Levi Strauss invented the jean this had been the most worn item in the world. Dark jeans look good on all body types, and not only do they slim you, they add a since of polish to any outfit. Your first step towards style is investing in a solid pair of dark jeans, blue or black works.

My last two essentials are both shoes. I know as guys we tend to look over this element of our wardrobe, as long as there are no holes we are generally fine, but nahhh. That doesn’t work for the modern man. Every young man should have a killer pair of dress shoes, preferably ones that lace up [you wanna appear old enough to tie your shoes]. Women go through the trouble of picking the perfect high hell heel, so we can put in the effort to get a great dress shoe. I really enjoy wearing my dress shoes with my jeans it adds a young sophisticated  feel to me, but of course this will be worn with dress pants. And second, a nice pair of casual sneakers. Most guys live in these, but like I said earlier throw the old bummy  running shoes out and replace them with some cool sneakers. I’m a huge fan of Vans, they are slick and comfortable and still have that young feel to them. Save the huge Nike dunks or the bright colored running shoes for special occasions and grab a nice  dark pair of sneakers.











There you have it guys, these are the FIVE essentials I think every young professional man should have in his closet. If you don’t have them, get ’em. They will come in handy. Because a lot of times it’s not all about being good, it’s about looking good. For a lot of guys it’s time to grow up and stop dressing like a 14 year old, and start dressing like a man…a modern man. So best of luck to you. Remember clothes aren’t everything, but they are your ambassadors. Before you open your mouth, your clothing tells people a lot about you. Make sure they are saying good things. Blessings C.B.


The T-Shirt Guy

Ok I enjoy wearing t-shirts as much as the next guy, I know their comfortable and” go with everything.” T-shirts are not the problem, the problem is what kind of t-shirts. Any shirt with an ad on it or that looks like you might have gotten it for free please either throw away or reserve for painting days. College tees are  just not everyday wear, although it might be easy to throw on and comfortable it just doesn’t look good.

So what do you wear if you don’t want to walk around with a shirt on shouting

” I GOT THIS FOR FREE!”  Good news there are comfortable and stylist tees out there for you. One style that I have seen in every guys shop is v-necks. I know what your thinking, I’m no bodybuilder, geld hair Guido. I will admit that v-necks are not for every one. If you are on the heavy side v-necks do not look good on you, it will accent your weight and make you look heavier,  best thing to do in this case is to wear crew necks, or try v-necks with small v cuts.

V- Neck

Another great alternative to t-shirts are henleys: collarless men’s shirt, sleeves can be short or long. Great for the cool fall weather but not too warm.

These are two of the many options besides wearing the standard t-shirt, with these two options you can wear them anywhere and even dress it up with a pair of dark jeans. Remember that some things are going to feel a bit weird at first but you never know if something works for you unless you TRY IT ON, yes dressing rooms are in [creditable] stores for a reason, try on several different styles, colors, and sizes until you find what looks best on you.  Feel free to comment or ask questions. Until next time stay classy.