How do we feel about hats?

I’ve been thinking about getting a hat for about a year now. I know what your thinking, ‘it’s taking you a year to think about a damn hat?” But I’m not just talking about putting any ol’ flat bill on my head. This spring I really wanna go full Pharrell Williams and make the whole world happy with my hat choice. Hopefully now you can see why its taking me so long to decide if i wanna risk looking like Curious George’s care taker or not. There’s a lot that goes into the perfect hat: head size, face shape, and overall coolness of the hat wearer.

I’m interested to hear feedback from you guys, what do you think about the hat craze? While I continue to think about this life changing decision, here’s a few of Pharrell’s best hat moments…

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Best Cyber Monday Deals


Your not going to stand in a line, throw a punch, or sleep in a tent over night for clothes. Maybe a I-phone 6 [plus] or a 60 inch flat screen, but a parka…no. Good thing you don’t have to, today continues the retail obsessed tradition we have made a must. So stay in bed, grab a hot drink and your laptop. It’s CYBER MONDAY! And to save you even more time I have done the research for you, here are the top 5 sites offering the best and most stylish deals.

5. J-Crew Factory 

I know factory stores don’t get as much love as they should, but i’m here to tell you, they are a hidden gem. Yes you have to scroll pass some hideous sweaters and last years unwanted shoes, but the search is worth the reward. Today J-Crew Factory is offering 50 percent off everything plus 10 percent and free shipping. Doesn’t get much better then that folks.

4. DSW 

Many guys think DSW is a store strictly for women, but I’m here to tell you it’s not. Before I buy any shoes I run them through DSW search engine. This place offers some of the best prices on great shoes everyday, but add Cyber Monday to the mix and the deals are even better. The shoe site is currently offering 10$ off $49, 20$ off $99, and 50$ off $199. This is on top of their everyday low prices, and they allow you to double coupons.

3. H&M

Another place that offers low prices everyday, but today you can take an extra 30 percent off your purchase. What a steal. Check out their website for every trend and deal you could ever want. Jeans as low as $10, and boots for 40 bucks. Did I  mention the free shipping.

2. GAP

Classic Americana, this is where to go when you want a great pair of khakis or a nice oxford shirt. Gap has been supplying us with our uniforms for years, and with their new Dress Normal campaign it only gets better. GAP, Banana Republic, and Old Navy are offering 40 percent off your entire purchase today only. And if you spend more then 50 bucks, you get free shipping.

1. Zara 

This is the modern mans one stop shop for everything stylish. What ever you need Zara has got it and believe me it will be great. The trendy site offers everything from shoes to coats. Although Zara is not offering 50 percent off everything, they have selected a generous amount of items that are all half off.

Starting Fall on the Right Foot.

The NBA is back on, leaves are falling to the ground, and the temps are beginning to drop. This can mean only one thng…it’s offically fall. Which means it’s time to step up your boot game fellas. So throw those Carhartt boots in the garbage and take notes here’s your guide to the perfect boots this fall.

The Chukka 

We will start off with my personal favorite, the chukka boot. Also known as a desert boot, you can find the chukka in just about every shoe store this fall. Whether you grab it in leather, suede, or canvas you really can not go wrong. The chukka is a classic shape that has been around for years but is particularly hot this Fall. Almost every brand is making this boot, but my favorite is Clarks.

chuk1The Chelsea 

This is another boot that has been around for quite some time, but just starting to gain popularity again. Made famous by The Beetles, this pointed boot falls into the risky category for me. Risky because it’s not a traditional shape most guys wear but if you can pull this look off, the risk is worth the reward. Kayne West wears his Bottega Veneta chelsea boots perfectly paring them with skinny jeans retail value ($770). You on the other hand can snatch a pair from H&M for under a hundred bucks.hmprod

The Combat 

This boot can be worn by all guys and adds the perfect amount of  ruggedness to any outfit. The combat boot is no longer reserved for military and police forces, the modern man can now feel like a bad ass everyday. Whether you get them in brown or black the combat is always a good decision. Problay the most durbale out of the three options this boot can be worn over the jean or under, depending on the amount of leather your willing to expose day to day. Let me save you some time Steve Madden rocks when it comes to combat boots. Run don’t walk to get these.

There you have it guys, there’s no excuse not to step out this fall in a banging boot. These are three of my favorites, of course there are tons of other options, but they all will steam from these basic shapes. So find with works for you and run with it. Any tips, comments, or questions feel free to leave them in the comment section, until next time stay stylish men.

The Invisible Tie

Ok, so at first I really resisted this trend. It was stupid, I didn’t understand it– wanted nothing to do with it. Flash forward two months, a couple Kendrick Lamer outfits, and every other guy doing it. I have finally jumped on the bandwagon…it’s called the invisible tie. Guys everywhere are buttoning up their shirts to the neck and ditching the traditional tie for its non-existing counterpart. It’s a trend every guy can take a stab at, seeing as it doesn’t require much-just button up!

The invisible tie look works with shorts, jeans, or dress pants. This is a look you can dress up or down. I went sans tie last week, pairing a short sleeve button up with painted denim and my Air Jordan 1s.  Let me know what you guys think and feel free to share your invisible tie looks. 

Invisible Tie

The Return of The Gentleman. Part 1

I don’t know if it’s Justin Timberlake singing about suit and ties or if the style is just coming back around, but I’m glad it’s happening. What is IT you ask, the return of the gentleman. There’s been a certain kind of elegance coming back to men’s style, and it’s hitting the main stream. You see it all across the board, whether it’s American Eagle, H&M, or Gap, guys want to dress up. And I’m here to help you do so, flawlessly.

tie me

In the next three posts I will give you three easy pieces you can mix in with your everyday looks to add a touch of elegance and get you looking like the gentleman we all know you are.

First things first, get a tie or twenty of them. I keep no less then a billion on hand at all time, but a few will do the trick. A neck tie is one of the fastest ways to dress up any outfit and gives you a way to be creative. Ties come in all shapes and sizes. If your going to wear a louder outfit, I would dial down with the tie choosing a neutral solid color. But if the shirt is a bit plain, an ambitious tie is the way to go.

tie 2     On these two days I followed the rule, one day I was plain bob with the white shirt so I decided to throw the camo in there. And on the other day I was more exciting with the leather jacket, so I toned it down with the navy tie but still stayed true to my style and kept it fun with a knit tie. These are just two examples of how you can spike up any outfit with a tie. They each give you that dressy feel with out having to put on a three piece suit.

Of course the tie is going to be worn with a collared shirt, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear jeans or chinos. It’s good to look good, but most importantly you need to stay true to who you are. Nothing wrong with amping up your style, but there is something wrong with becoming a completely different person.

Canadian Tuxedo: Denim on Denim

The streets  have been looking like a rodeo this summer with all the denim on denim, but fyi it ain’t going no where. For the proper english speakers, it’s here to stay. I know all this denim talk is taking you back to that awful matching outfit JT and Brittany wore to an award show in the 90’s.  Don’t worry, It ain’t going down like that. This fall the Canadian Tuxedo, or denim shirt and denim pants combo is going to be huge. And I’m here to show you how to wear it without looking like a dumb ass in a jean shirt. You don’t have to be Kayne West to pull this off, the average Joe can make the Canadian Tuxedo look great here are some options. 

Mix and match the colors, dark denim on top light on bottom or vice verses. Try different shades see which works best for you. My personal opinion is dark jeans always look better, but it depends on your body type. If  your legs are smaller/ shorter try the light. If your heavier in the legs this is the one time you should go to the dark side. 

Light on dark

If you want to ease into it this look try wearing the denim unbuttoned with either a white tee or a graphic tee, they both look great.  Or if your ready to go head first,  button that baby all the way up leaving the top undone. 

As far as jean fit, the skinner the better. Guys if your not in to skinnies, try slim straights but this is one trend that looks best with a sleek jean. This can go very wrong very quickly if the jeans are too big. At the end of the day it all boils down to what your comfortable wearing. You guys got this, don’t embarrass me and please don’t go out side looking like Jay Leno.